17th February 2018

text convo

me: you (no capitals) need to watch “the treasure of the wreck of the unbelievable”  (Omission – punctuation) it’s on netflix.

me: sooooo (Repeated vowel – Sound Emphasis) amazing

mum: just watched it!!!!  (Strong Emphasis)

me: really (Confirmation)

me: same and i absolutely loved it!!!

mum: loved it and want to watch it again coz (Abbreviation – Because) i was in the office half working half watching

me: i want to go and see the exhibition

me: watch it fully

me: (crown emogi)(diamond emogi)(shocked emogi) (Para-Linguistic Feature: Facial Expression and Symbolism)

mum: me too. thats exactly what i said. is it in Venice?

me: yes

mum: let’s go there

mum: i’ve been there before..

me: um yes please

me: can we stop by in Greece on the way?

me: (winkie face emogie)

mum: make about 500 notebooks!!

me: hahaha

me: i’ll try

(a few days later i discovered that the documentary was in fact a mockumentory. i was shook)

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