me: you need to watch “the treasure of the wreck of the unbelievable” it’s on netflix. me: sooooo amazing mum: just watched it!!!! me: really me: same and i absolutely loved it!!! mum: loved it and want to watch it again coz i was in the office half working half watching me: i want to […]

Ava: Mmmmm, I’ve got ‘peta’ bread for lunch, yay! Emily: ‘Pita’ bread! Ava: Nooo, ‘peta’ bread. Emily: It’s not ‘peta’ bread. Ava: Yeeesss! Ruby: Do we say, whad, whad do New Zealanders say? Ava: ‘pe’, ‘peta’ (Emily: pita) Ava: Nooo! Ruby: ‘peta’. Emily: ‘pita’. Ruby:  Oh, p, ‘pita’s kinda weird Emily. Emily: it’s ‘pi’, no, it’s (Ava: Yeah, its like) yeah it’s like ‘peta’, it’s not ‘peeta’ Ava: You say, […]

phone: yeah red: oh fanx for anserwing geeza, you konw what i mean? brown: gimmi tha. where you been fool, making us rinse out our cedit leaving you messags and tha. red: mr Dawus is well on the war path wif you broth yeah. phone: coz of the bag an tha red: wot bag? coz […]

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